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High School Summer 5v5 League

It's time to get  back on the fields this July! Registration for the 2020 High School Summer League is now open!

The Maryland Soccerplex High School Summer League offers your team the chance to play together this summer on the best fields in the country! The Maryland SoccerPlex High School 8v8 Summer League offers a highly competitive price and outstanding fields!  


  • Teams will play a 6 game season! Barring makeup dates for rainouts, each team will play one game per week.
  • Games will be played Tuesday or Thursday beginning on July 7 or July 9 and, barring makeup dates, will run through the week of August 11 and 13. 
  • Game start times will be 4, 5, or 6pm. (Request for scheduling consideration can be submitted. We will do our best to fulfill your request)


  • $450

Registration Deadline: Thursday, July 2

To register for the High School 5v5 summer league, please click here. 

Please Note: Information regarding required social distancing and other policies and rules designed to keep all players and attendees safe will be forthcoming. The HS summer league will comply with all mandates and medical guidance put forth by government and health authorities. 

Required Paperwork:

All players must complete a waiver form prior to the first game of the season. 

1. Team Roster - Click Here

2. Waiver for each player - Click Here


  • GAME LENGTH: Two twenty-five (25) minute halves. Five (5) minute halftime. If score is tied at the end of regulation, score remains tied. No overtime. Games must start on time.
  • FORMAT: 5 v 5 (including goalkeeper). A game may start with a minimum of four players. If a team does not have enough players to start the game, the clock will start on time. A team must start the game at the scheduled starting time if the minimum number of players is present. If, after 10 minutes, a team does not have enough players to start the game, the game will be cancelled.

  • CARDS/VIOLATIONS: If a player or coach is red carded (ejected) from a game, the minimum penalty will be sitting out the next scheduled game. If a spectator is ejected or asked to leave the game site, the minimum penalty will be a suspension of at least the next two (2) scheduled contests.

  • ROSTER SIZE: is unlimited. All players must turn in a completed waiver form before they can participate in any league game. Rosters and waiver forms can be turned into the field supervisor or emailed to Players can be added at any point during the season but must be reported to the field supervisor prior to the match (with a completed waiver form). Players can play on more than one team.

  • HOME & AWAY TEAMS: The home team (first team listed on the schedule) is responsible for providing a size 5 ball for each league game.

  • JERSEYS: Teams are required to have both a colored and white shirt available at every league game. Home team must change in the event of a color conflict. (It is NOT necessary to have unique numbers on each jersey.

  • SUBSITUTIONS: No subs on the fly. Must be made at midfield upon approval of referee.

  • OFFSIDES: There are no offsides.

  • STANDINGS/AWARDS: No standings will be kept and no post season awards will be given.

Feel free to contact us at 301-528-1480 or send us an email at

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